Are You My Friend? A Raymond and Sheila Story

Are We Lost? A Raymond and Sheila Story


Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The Are You My Friend? app does not access your contacts or web history. Electric Eggplant does not collect any personally identifiable information through the app. The app does not contain any ads, in-app purchases or social network integration.

We used the Corona SDK to develop the app. Corona tracks your usage and collects the following types of information from you when you use our app: your IP address (including country of origin), app version, device operating system (including version), device make and model, UDID or other unique device identifier (only in anonymized form—i.e., not associated with any other personally identifiable information), and the current time each time you launch the app. You can read Corona’s privacy policy here.

The Are You My Friend? app saves its state to your device when it exits, so it can be restarted in the same state (for example, on the same page in the story). This is recommended practice for a mobile app. This data is not transmitted and it is not associated with any identifying information.

The app does include external links in the About section.

For more information about our Privacy Policy, please contact us.