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Are You My Friend? A Raymond and Sheila Story Are You My Friend?

Also in Spanish!

Raymond Alligator is a super smart, super shy 5-year-old who feels left out when big sister Sheila has a friend over. He and his teddy bear are tighter than tight, but lately Raymond’s wondering if he needs someone else to be his friend. Making a new friend sounds like a great idea but, well, it can also be kinda scary.

Are You My Friend? is a spot-on, funny picture book sure to draw in every kid (and adult) who has ever longed to peek over the neighbor’s fence and bust out of their comfort zone. Are You My Friend? is a story for the heart and the funny bone, sure to resonate with typical 4-8 year olds, kids with special needs as well as reluctant readers. Whimsically illustrated, the story features music and sound effects with Read-It-To-Me audio narration (included in the iBook and Android, nabi tablet versions, available as a free MP3 download for the print edition).

The Raymond and Sheila series is for parents and kids to enjoy together. Included in each book is a unique Parent Guide for helping kids engage more fully in the story’s emotional content. Talking about feelings and the challenges of getting along with others builds social skills and improves parent-child communication.

Print Edition

Buy on CreateSpaceThe Print Edition of Are You My Friend? can be purchased on Amazon’s CreateSpace. A free preview PDF is also available.

Read-It-To-Me iBook

Available on the iBookstoreThe Are You My Friend? iBook (for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch) is available for download on the iTunes iBookstore for $2.99 USD. A free preview iBook is also available.

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Are You My Friend? is available through iTunes in these 32 countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States

Read-It-To-Me Android Book Apps

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The Are You My Friend? app is available on Android, Kindle Fire, as well as the nabi tablet for $2.99 USD. For the nabi, just go to the “App Zone” on your nabi and download it!!

Available on the Amazon Appstore for Android Download from the nabi ''App Zone'': ''Are You My Friend?'' ''Are You My Friend?'' is Preloaded with the SmartEdPad

Spanish Edition

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¿Eres Mi Amigo? Una Historia de Raymond y SheilaThe print edition of Are You My Friend?, entitled ¿Eres Mi Amigo? is now available in Spanish and can be purchased on Amazon’s CreateSpace or as a Kindle ebook. A free preview PDF is also available. (Note: there is no audio soundtrack available for the Spanish edition.)

Raymond el Caiman, es un niño super tímido que tiene 5 años y se siente ignorado cuando su hermana mayor Sheila invita a una amiga a la casa. Él y su peluche son los mejores amigos pero Raymond se pregunta si él necesita que alguien más sea su amigo. Conseguir un nuevo amigo suena como una buena idea pero, pues, también puede ser miedoso.

¿Eres Mi Amigo? Un acertado libro de ilustraciones, que seguramente será fascinante para cada niño (y adulto) que siempre ha querido mirar al otro lado de la cerca de su vecino y salir de su zona de comodidad. ¿Eres Mi Amigo? es una historia para el corazón y el sentido del humor, que con seguridad va a resonar con chicos típicos de entre 4 y 8 años, y chicos con necesidades especiales al igual que lectores apáticos. Ilustrado de una manera juguetona, el libro también incluye una guía especial para que los padres les ayuden a sus hijos a aumentar sus destrezas para conseguir amigos y su aprendizaje social y emocional. ¿Eres Mi Amigo? también está disponible en inglés (en formato impreso y para el Kindle) como un Read Aloud iBook (para el iPad, el iPhone y el iPod Touch) en la tienda iTunes iBookstore.

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