Are We Lost? A Raymond and Sheila Story







Are We Lost? A Raymond and Sheila Story
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Cast of Characters


Raymond“My name is Raymond. I used to get lost a lot, but I’m 5 and 5/12 and my getting lost days are over. Now I’m old enough to do stuff on my own. Sometimes Snowball and I go on adventures. Sometimes he gets scared, but he never has to worry because I always take good care of him. I’m Super Raymond. I can do anything. Well, almost anything. I can’t drive a car yet, but in another 10 and 1/12 years I will.”



Sheila“I’m 10 and I think the world is a very interesting place. I especially like to keep my eye on things when the things I’m keeping an eye on don’t know I’m watching. I am a very responsible big sister, which is why my parents let me be in charge of my little brother, Raymond, when they’re not around. That means I’m old enough to babysit. My parents don’t pay me yet for this invaluable service, but next year I think I’ll renegotiate my contract. Afterall, watching Raymond is not the easiest thing in the world!”



Snowball“I am Raymond’s best friend and Raymond is my best friend. But we don’t always agree. For example, he loves the beach. I do not. That’s because I am a polar bear. Polar bears do not like hot sunny places like beaches. At the beach it’s easy to get sand in your ears. Also, other surprising, unexpected things can happen. I usually do not like surprises, like falling down or getting lost. But I do like surprise hugs from Raymond.”



Jamal“Hey! How’s it going? I’ve been selling ice cream at this beach for a long time. For me it’s the perfect job. I love the surf, the sun, and I love kids. I especially love seeing the smiles on their faces when I serve up one of my gigantic ice cream cones. Today I’ve got 11 flavors, all freshly made, all organic. Stop by and see me.”